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Lee H. Eisenstaedt - Helps C-Level Executives Succeed

March 28, 201628 min
We see press releases and corporate announcements of newly installed CEO’s almost every day. We hear a lot about the new executive’s rise to the top and congratulations are certainly in order, but what we don’t hear much about is the performance stress many of them experience because that big, beautiful office comes with a mandate to achieve some very ambitious goals…or else. Lee Eisenstaedt knows all about this stress and how to alleviate it. He formed his company, Value Drivers, LLC, after spending years as a senior finance and operations executive and seeing first-hand how much pressure company leaders are under. Eisenstaedt developed several proprietary assessment tools to identify the most important needs and a “Dream Team” of specialists to address them. He explained his service in a recent interview, “We help newly appointed CEOs and COOs of middle market companies who are anxious about the pressure they’re under to make an impact on their businesses. That impact is usuall

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