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Shayna Rattler - Corporate Attraction Coach

January 25, 201727 min
Shayna Rattler, also known as the Corporate Attraction Coach, is quickly becoming recognized as a highly acclaimed authority in small business development and the ultimate connector between small businesses and Corporate America. As a coach, consultant, and speaker, Shayna has developed and taught tried-and-true strategies, which have enabled small businesses and corporations to connect and prosper together, resulting in hundreds of key partnerships and millions of dollars in profits. She is the person to turn to if you want to grow your small business by working with corporate clients and sponsors because she has done so herself. This experience has also given her tremendous insight into corporate purchasing and marketing. Fresh out of college, Shayna began her journey as an entrepreneur. By the age of 28, as a single mother, she created two successful businesses, making her an obvious go-to for business and life advice. Shayna is also a two time published author. She is an inst

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