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Tom Chesser - Solutions Expert on Helping Vendors Solve Problems

February 11, 201727 min
In this episode, Tom Chesser, marketing and advertising consultant, discusses how he helps his vendors solve problems. He discusses one of his solutions, the vCard, a digital business card that is interactive and gives business owners a new reasonably-priced tool to get their message out. He goes on to say that this vCard is so valuable because it is quicker and easier to change and update than web page or a website. Another one of his solutions is a health insurance program that helps business owners provide better health care at a cheaper cost for both the company and the employees. He also has a division that creates custom apps for nonprofits and schools to help them better communicate with their students and run more efficiently. Throughout more than 30 years of strategic sales and marketing leadership, Tom Chesser's commitment to ongoing client services and satisfaction has allowed him to maintain and increase his existing customer base and lead in new customer acquisition.

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