Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/16/16

November 16, 201660 min
#MediaImplosion #FakeNewsSites Media Research VP of Business Development Dan Gainor joins Pastor Greg to discuss the medias continued harassment of Donald Trump. Is dinner out with the family really the presses business? Continued attacks on cabinet appointments not as editorial opinions but rather reported as real news. Where is the rebuke of the threats to do physical harm to Donald Trump and to those who voted for him? Obamacare job losses, hope for a failed Trump presidency, attacks on Thanksgiving and more left wing lunacy exposed. #ObamaExposed Phil Berg Attorney form Philadelphia who led the charge to expose Obama and his fraud expresses his views on how the electorate rejected Obama this past election. #MoralityMatters Money is the root of all evil when it is used wrongly. Lowell Ponte joins Pastor Greg to discuss a new book written by he and Craig Smith entitled Money, Morality & The Machine: Smith's Law in an Unethical, Over-Governed Age . #FirstWeekA

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