Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/17/16

November 17, 201660 min
#DrainTheSwamp @bryancrabtree joins Pastor Greg to discuss the current administration elect. Who are they choosing what signals are they sending and how will the changes effect our liberties? #BorderAlert Trouble at the southern border, Brandon Darby Managing Director Breitbart Texas joins Pastor Greg to discuss the latest developments along the Texas border where 56% of illegal immigrant apprehensions take place in just one sector. How are the cartels reacting? Is there a last minute increase in activity? What will happen to the corrupt politicians? What is the mood of the Border Patrol Officers and will they be emboldened to use the laws for apprehension? #ClimateHoax Doug Domenech Texas Public Policy explains the damage being caused by the climate change hoax. Is America losing jobs and are rising energy costs a direct effect of these policies? How do fossil fuels and coal play a role in making America great again? #Foreviltorulegoodmenneeddonothing The church has fallen for ever

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