Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/3/16

November 3, 201660 min
#KilroyRising #TheDeplorablesTour Ernest Lee with the UPDATE #GreenCardWarrior #ImmigrationFail #PickingWinners Nick Adams joins Pastor Greg to discuss how the liberal tolerance movement reveals its intolerance for those immigramnts who do not share their anti American values. #BlueLivesMatter #MoreDeadOfficers Scott Erickson Americans In Support of Law Enforcement joins Pastor Greg to discuss the latest shooting and the continued aggression against Police and Law Enforcement. How do we tell the good guys from the bad guys? What is rule of law and how is it being attacked. Federalization of the police. #ElectionBias2016 Herb London the London Center for Policy Research weighs in on the issues we are seeing in this election. WSJ speculates about a Trump Presidency and conflict of interest while #killary emails prove collusion of the Clintons with foreign interests and they get a relative pass. Ted Cruz joins Pence in Iowa. #WWJD George Barna the renowned Christian Pollster joins Pas

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