Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/8/16

November 8, 201659 min
#AmericaFirst The push for a lame duck TPP vote is intensifying as Obama sees the possibility that he may lose control of the country if #Killary loses. You cna expect an all out war on our freedoms by surrendering our sovereignty to foreign nations. Crista Huff joins in to discuss this danger. #Election2016 the day is upon us. Has the Comey decision cleared the path for #Killary and her followers to finish the destruction of our nation? DO we still have rule of law in any form? #FreedomFromObamacare Are you tired of funding ABORTION with your medical premiums? Are you ready to get your doctor back? Want to join a community like minded individuals? Dale Bellis Libertyhealth Inc. joins Pastor Greg #PreElection2016 #TrumporClinton #DevilInsidetheBeltway Mike Daugherty joins Pastor Greg

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