Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 12/6/16

December 6, 201659 min
#DAPL the real story behind the Dakota Pipeline.#OPECFailure Did Opec spell its own demise? #RecountFailure the Democrats want a recount but many of their precincts are ineligible because the voter records in those districts don't match. Dan Perkins joins Pastor Greg to discuss these and more. Also the issue of morality in America. #GlobalElitistsFail Germany is the only country in the western hemisphere with a global elitist still in power. #HealthCareFreedom Liberty Health Share is about community and relationship. Dale Bellis CEO explains how that works what makes it so fulfilling. #GENERALJAMESMATTIS General AJ Tata shares his insight on the newly appointed Sec of Defense General James Mattis, How does Mattis appointment effect out troops on the ground? Will the steps President Elect Trump is making send a message to our allies and enemies? What is that message? Will the price on the heads of Americans travelling abroad created by the Obama regime go away?

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