Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 12/9/16

December 9, 201659 min
#FearontheLeft Why is the left so petrified of Donald Trump? They have spent 50 years getting to the place that they are at and Donald Trumo because of his unconventiaonal approach could actuallly unravel their plan. His choice for Labor Secretary sends a clear message to the labor unions and the $15 an hour minimum wage hawks. The market will dictate and it will pick the winners and the losers. Don Jans joins me to discuss the message being sent. #TrumpEffect Are the cabinet selections of Donald Trump beginning to impact the beltway? Trump continues to choose a conservative free market strong military pro american cabinet and the left is having a meltdown. John Leboutillier Fox News Fox News Insider joins Pastor Greg with his analysis. #BusinessLeadersRespond Stuart Vener who was the real estate adviser for Noah Dietrich partner to Howard Hughes, shares his thoughts on where the real estate market is going. Also, on the moves of the President elect and how they are working for the b

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