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Weekly Comics News Show #14: DC's DARK NIGHTS: METAL, George Takei, new comics, and more!

April 10, 20176 min
Welcome back! We’re on Episode #14 of the Weekly Comics News Show — a weekly program that brings you the latest in comic book news, new comics, and more. This week regular host Patrick Aloia is back, along with co-host Lindsey Mott! Together with our creative team, they will scour through releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics. This week's show features major news about DC's Summer event series, DARK NIGHTS: METAL! Dynamic duo Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are back together to write this six issue, Batman-centric series! Next up, we've got previews for this week's DC comics releases! We discuss RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #9, featuring the Dark Trinity taking on a brutal dictator with a super-weapon; and NEW SUPER-MAN #10, featuring the long-awaited team-up of the Supermen! On the Marvel side, we're talking about the new series BLACK PANTHER & THE CREW! Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey, with art from Butch Guice, the first issue features the Panther leading a team comprised of Storm, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Manifold to uncover the mysteries of a Harlem murder. Also out from Marvel is the highly anticipated DEADPOOL VS. PUNISHER #1, plus two exciting new X-Men series, WEAPON X #1 and X-MEN BLUE #1! In other big news, Stark Trek icon George Takei is teaming up with publisher IDW for a graphic novel detailing his time in a Japanese internment camp and his subsequent career and high-profile activism. We also discuss the just-announced film adaptation of Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE comic series from Image and the release of BOOM! Studios new comic, GODSHAPER! New Comics: What we're talking about RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #9 NEW SUPER-MAN #10 X-MEN BLUE#1 WEAPON X #1 DEADPOOL VS. PUNISHER #1 BLACK PANTHER & THE CREW #1 GODSHAPER #1 BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY #9 Stay tuned for new episodes of the Weekly Comics News Show, and all of ComicsVerse’s video content. Check out our Facebook Live and Instagram Live videos while we produce the show to meet the hosts and the crew, watch bloopers, and get a peek at what it takes to get a weekly show running.

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