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Carey Parker - Computer Security & Online Privacy for Non-Techies

May 5, 201639 min
Cyber Security Expert Carey Parker discusses his mission to help everyday, non-technical people understand how to be proactive in securing their computers and protecting their online privacy. Even though we use computers every single day and have probably experienced the aggravation of viruses and unwanted ads, most of us either don’t understand or just don’t care what’s really going on under the hood. In this interview, Carey explains how our ignorance and apathy are being exploited tirelessly, and not just by hackers, but corporations and governments as well. He also shares some simple things we can and should be doing to protect ourselves. As the author of the Best Selling Book “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Security for Non-Techies”, Carey has a gift for explaining very complex but important issues in a simple to understand, non-techie and non-condescending way. To learn more about Carey Parker visit: Get “Fir

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