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January 28, 2014101 min
Az UR Radio on An iHeart Radio Station. If you examine a rock from the moon, you'll find the same things in that moon rock are in a tree here on Earth. If you examine a tree, you'll find the same things inside of a tree are in you & me. That's because the entire makeup of the universe is found in everything in the universe. (I may have lost a couple folk, but hold on to what you can grasp, and let the rest go.) That being said, we know that our bodies are merely a manifestation of our most basic thoughts and ideas of ourselves. It is true that if you were to transform your mind, you will transform your body...It is also true the other way around. If you transform your body, you can transform your mind. Tune in today as we are lead into the wonderful tool of the body with leading fitness and nutrition expert, Pele Chen, of Naturally Healing Inc. She is a brilliant light for those of us seeking our exodus from the darkness of unhealthy feelings/ habits/ diets/lifestyles and etc. If you are ready to go higher on your path to living a vibrant, healthy abundant life...

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