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Makin Waves With Darci

February 6, 201465 min
Log onto INTELLECTUALRADIO.COM @ 12:00PM, CST, TODAY BUCKLE UP FOR THIS AMAZING “HOT TOPIC”—See you in a few! >>SPECIAL COMEDIAN GUESTS: Stephon creates a clear example of what the bibles means when it says, “a merry heart doeth good like medicine” He has been cited as: “One of the most exciting and talented Christian comedians on the circuit today!” Stephon’s pursuit of christian comedy began to take him to a higher road for God’s glory. He decided instead of just performing in nightclubs and comedy clubs he began to go where his ministry & audience needed him. Stephon began to minister through comedy for churches and faith based venues throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Florida & Wisconsin. By January 2005, Stephon had ministered to over 100 of churches throughout the United States with his unique style of comedy. Diana M. Carlson loves to entertain you. Whether she is making you laugh, singing, or dancing. Who are we kidding? She allows us to take part in her ridiculous life and that is entertainment enough most days! Diana has studied improv as well as singing and acting. Last summer she performed her "bad burlesque bit" as a Beast Women in their Naked July festival, and hopes that you would at least buy her dinner before seeing her naked. "Like" her page on Facebook and she will keep you informed of her whereabouts. Diana is great at doing characters and hosted a monthly comedy showcase as her character Doris with her best friend Marge. She lovingly calls her fans, "stalkers", but, not to worry, she knows how to dial 911 if you get out of line. Twitter @dianasthoughts Facebook pages: Diana M. Carlson Doris & Marge FemurComedy Flabby's Comedy Clambake Miss Nikki stand-up comedian, Miss Nikki shared her story and battle with breast cancer in a way that inspired women and men to check themselves for signs and symptoms of the disease. Her energy and class in the delivery of her material is beyond expectations. Miss Nikki has held her own in Chicago hosting the infamous show, BATICUA's LOL Comedy Night, at venues throughout Chicago. She has performed at Laugh Factory, Flabby at the Abbey, Mikey O Comedy Show, Jokes and Notes, Cheap Shots and various Open Mic Nights! “Listeners & Viewers”-- I WELCOME YOUR OPINION!!

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