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Makin Waves With Darci

March 13, 201451 min
ANOTHER GREAT SHOW ON INTELLECTUAL RADIO.COM & IHEARTRADIO STATION TODAY! TODAY!…. "TUNE in THURSDAY,” MARCH 13, 2014, @ 12:00pm, cst, with.. Makin Waves with Darci’ Radio show on. . . . . . & iheartradio station - AS I INTERVIEW: ….“SPOTLIGHT ON UP & COMING HIP HOP ARTIST …."INDEPENDENT" INTERVIEW”…… and HOW DO YOU INFORM YOUR BOYFRIEND, MAN, HUSBAND OR SIGNIFICANT OTHER THAT YOU NEED MORE “ALONE” TIME? YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS “SPOTLIGHT ON YOU -- ******PERFORMING LIVE IN THE STUDIO****** UP & COMING HIP HOP ARTIST ON THE HORIZON…. THE ONE AND ONLY …."INDEPENDENT" INTERVIEW”…… CALL IN BETWEEN 12:00pm-1:00pm, CST, Call: Makin Waves With Ms. Darci’ RADIO Show, Please call 708-223-8953 with questions & comments!! Log onto INTELLECTUALRADIO.COM @ 12:00PM, CST, TODAY BUCKLE UP FOR THIS AMAZING “HOT TOPIC”—See you on Thursday! Facebook a friend, Tweet a friend, Instagram a friend, Tell a friend to tell a friend, Tell a friend to Facebook someone, Tell a friend to text someone, Tell a friend to tune into Intellectual and iheartradio today @ 12:00pm, LISTEN IN AND WIN A GIFT CARD TODAY ON THE SHOW!!

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