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Makin Waves With Darci

March 20, 201455 min
CONTEST: Thursday, March 20, 2014 from… 12:15pm – 1:00pm, cst, DO YOU HAVE A “TWO-MINUTE ELEVATOR PITCH?” ANOTHER GREAT SHOW COMING UP TODAY ON INTELLECTUAL RADIO.COM & IHEARTRADIO STATION TODAY…. "TUNE in THURSDAY,” MARCH 20, 2014, @ 12:00pm, cst, with.. Makin Waves with Darci’ Radio show on. . . . . . & iheartradio station – WATCH ME INTERVIEW: BUSINESS OWNERS; ENTREPRENEURS & LEADERS OF TOMORROW…. Give me your BEST “TWO-MINUTE ELEVATOR PITCH?” WIN A FREE COMMERCIAL TO SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESS OR EVENT!!!! >CALLING ALL BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS. . . . . The 1st 20 PEOPLE TO CALL IN….so what are you waiting for!! (I’mJustSaying) You’ve been giving your elevator pitch your whole life – but have you been doing it well? CONTEST: Give me your BEST “Two-Minute Elevator Pitch?” Call: Makin Waves With Ms. Darci’ RADIO Show, Please call 708-223-8953 with questions & comments!! Log onto INTELLECTUALRADIO.COM @ 12:00PM, CST, TODAY BUCKLE UP FOR THIS AMAZING “HOT TOPIC THURSDAY”—See you in a few! Facebook a friend, Tweet a friend, Instagram a friend, Tell a friend to tell a friend, Tell a friend to Facebook someone, Tell a friend to text someone, Tell a friend to tune into Intellectual and iheartradio today @ 12:00pm, LISTEN IN AND WIN A GIFT CARD TODAY ON THE SHOW!! Hit us up and tell us your thoughts!! This will be a “AWESOME” conversation!!!!

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