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Makin Waves With Darci

May 20, 201465 min
^ANOTHER GREAT RADIO SHOW: Makin Waves with Ms. Darci' JOIN US….TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014, 12:00PM, (CST), 1:00pm, (EST), It’s TERIFFIC TUESDAY, and we are getting ready to make it HAPPEN….with Guest Co-Host Katie Lowe and INTERN: DJ/BJ/Don..? GREETINGS my POSITIVE PEOPLE, meet me on the air and be empowered. It's going down on Makin Waves With Ms. Darci’(REAL TALK)….Call in early to reserve your space on the show. Lines fill up quickly! 708.223.8953 -- “REAL TALK – REAL TOPICS” VITAMIN D: THE UNTOLD STORY…. How does vitamin D affect our body? Is it just for strong bones? You would be surprised to learn that the deficiency of vitamin D in your body is the leading cause to most diseases. Listen and learn. SHOULD SINGLE MOM’S BE HONORED ON FATHER’S DAY? Sharing views and discussing controversial issues when celebrating Father's Day. i.e. Should we celebrate or honor "Single Mom's" on Father's Day?

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