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Makin Waves With Darci

June 3, 201455 min
^ANOTHER GREAT RADIO SHOW: Makin Waves with Ms. Darci' JOIN US….TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2014, 12:00PM, (CST), 1:00pm, (EST), “REAL TALK – REAL TOPICS” Guest Co-Host Comedian Katie Lowe, INTERN BJ, Don Yao, and Special Guest Author CHRIS BURTON…. (Brain Feeding Time)… UNLUCKY BASTARD – (You don’t want to miss this) To know a man’s story actually offers a deeper insight into his mind, heart and soul. Min. Chris Burton states: “the life I lived was the one I knew. I didn’t choose it…It chose me!” With the level of drug participation in which I was entrenched, if there was hope for me, then, I strongly believe, there’s hope for anyone desirous of change. “There were times when I faced death by agreeing to sell someone else’s drugs. Then, I used them for my own pleasure. I should’ve known that a monkey was incapable of selling bananas.” I was my best customer and I was also my worst enemy.

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