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Makin Waves With darci

September 18, 201465 min
#Talk-Time-Thursday, 09/18/14, JOIN US @ 12:00PM, ANOTHER GREAT RADIO SHOW (Makin Waves with Ms. Darci’ *BEST 2 MINUTE ELEVATOR PITCH? ☆TOP of the hour: SLAVERY IN THE 21st Century, Are we still slaves? PLAN TO END SLAVERY IN OUR LIFETIME? ☆MIDDLE of the hour: *DESCRIBE YOURSELF in two words? *BOTTOM of the hour: Need cell phones, How to make MONEY with my cell phone? Hit us up and tell us your thoughts. This will be a real good conversation LIVE on-air call in number: (708) 223-8953, *Win $100 in cash and prizes! Login on your Android phone, iphone, Smartphone, tablet or computer✔

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