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Makin Waves With Darci

September 24, 201571 min
BE SURE TO TUNE IN: ^SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at 12.55pm, cst Discussion @ 1:00pm, cst, *WHAT HAPPENED ON THE SEASON OF EMPIRE? 708.223.8953 TOPIC-TALK--THURSDAY, (09/24/15), @ 12pm, cst, 1pm, est, **RELATIONSHIP REWIND** ☆ Would you get engaged without a ring? Why or Why not? ☆ Does the price of the ring really matter? Why or Why not? ☆Who’s paying What? Here’s the debate…In a marriage, or living together relationship, if one person makes more money that their spouse or partner, should that person making more money be responsible for paying more of the household bills? Should the bills be split 50/50? ☆Building a Profitable Biz with...? ☆Quick Question Trivia Tuesday (Cash & Prizes) ☆Did you register for the Contest? Win Cash & Prizes? You MUST enter to win!! (Ask US how) One show, two topics, and we’re going in deep with the listeners on this episode, enlightening show, don’t forget to spread the word! Another Great Radio Show, Join us for the best Intellectual Dialogue hour

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