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January 23, 201483 min & IHeartradio station -- AS I DISCUSS: ……CROSSTALK – ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION…… ^^DATING CHALLENGES?” AND. . . . . . >>SPECIAL GUESTS: Inez Jordan: I am a 56 year old African American female. I am open to dating Chavon Green - I am a life and relationship coach Tracey Easter: I m 41 yrs old. Loves writing and poetry. Married twice 23 y/old son Louis Smith: I'm a good guy looking for a lady who wants to meet a good man .. Mishka Bouldin: My name is Mishka, I'm 35, an Aries, Triston Vance – age 25, Open minded, Energetic, intelligent handsome guy, Mr. & Mrs. Life Coach Joe & Lovely wife Trina Davis…. So……Is it really a FISH called WANDA or a TUNA called CHARLIE.. So tell a friend, because you don’t wanna miss this exciting Roundtable Discussion (“THE UP’s and Down’s of DATING”)

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