Intellectual Radio Talk

Whats Going On?

January 7, 201461 min
Join us this evening for “What’s Going On” Radio Show with Ira Acree and Marsha Eaglin at 7 p.m., we will discuss the HOT or rather COLD topics in light of the Polar Vortex affecting the country. Co-host, Pastor Ira Acree may be checking in from Greece! We are calling ALL THE SINGLE LADIES AND ALL THE SINGLE MEN—ESPECIALLY SINGLE MOTHERS! Let’s discuss the New Year’s resolutions, the new talk/reality show “Single, Saved, & Savvy” created by Collage Warner. We will hear What’s Going on with the 100 Black Men of Chicago, from Selena Lomack. Don’t miss this show. Share this with your friends. Tune in on your smart phones and computer at, an station

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