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BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show: A Superstar Athlete Fights for Opioid-Free Pain Relief

Jane Wilkens Michael Better Than Before

World-class athletes like Gabrielle Reese know a thing – or ten – about being in pain. Their training sessions alone would send mere mortals to the ER. The wear and tear that their bodies endure on a daily basis also puts them at the highest risk for sports-related injuries. For Gabby Reese, a passionate and inspirational healthy living advocate, fitness leader, best-selling author, wife, mom, and one of the greatest women beach volleyball players of all times, it was a recent knee replacement – at the same time her husband, surfing legend Laird Hamilton, needed a hip replacement! They even decided to have their surgeries on the same day! Yet, through careful, pre-op planning, both were able to manage the pain without opioids. Based on that experience, and knowing that elective surgery has become an inadvertent gateway to the pervasive opioid crisis in America, Gabby became a spokesperson for the Choices Matter patient education campaign. Designed to educate and activate patients to feel empowered to proactively discuss post-surgical pain management, the plan suggests discussing non-opioid options before surgery. Gabby will tell us what these alternatives are, as well as share her advice for rehabbing before and after an injury, along with personal tips and tools for optimal beauty, health and fitness that will make us all Better Than Before.

Jane will also be speaking with medical expert Dr Alyssa Dweck, a renowned gynecologist in Westchester County, New York, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and a consultant at Massachusetts General Hospital, Vincent Memorial OB/GYN Service. Dr. Dweck is also a spokesperson for the Choices Matter patient education campaign. She has written three best-selling books on women’s health and sexuality, is on the Health Advisory Board of Family Circle, and contributes regularly to top women’s magazines and network TV morning shows. She and Jane will discuss the most prevalent women’s health issues and how she treats them, as well as the lifestyle and nutrition advice she recommends to her patients, and the best way to discuss post op, opioid-free pain management with your doctor.
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