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February 24, 201650 min
Featuring ‘Fun with January Jones and her Paradocs’ (Paradox) Dr. Bob Ruotolo and Dr. Ed Feyereisen Dr. Bob and Dr. Ed created and own MotivCreations (MC) [Explain MC’s history, purpose (Happiness & Wellness) and the MC-365 Program] “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing that’s why we recommend both.” Zig Ziglar Today’s show you will learn two tools/techniques from the MC-365 Program. Refer to web and 50% off on your membership. www.januaryjones.com This show is broadcast live on W4CY Radio (www.w4cy.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (http://www.talk4radio.com/) on the Talk 4 Media Network (http://www.talk4media.com/).

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