Journey for Truth – Tami Urbanek
Tami Urbanek leads people on a journey to explore truth. This journey includes listening to other people's lives and experiences. As we listen and learn, we can find answers to our own questions. As we hear about others finding passion, seeing beyond the illusion, and breaking past the status-quo, we empower ourselves to self-question and to gain clarity on our own unique pathway. This can guide us through our own path of self-discovery and personal enlightenment.
Near Death and Injured

August 3, 201724 min

24 min
From Trauma to Coaching

July 13, 201727 min

27 min
Former Model Turned Life Coach and Author

June 14, 201722 min

22 min
Messy Healing

June 5, 201726 min

26 min
Bloodlines of the Universe

May 4, 201728 min

28 min
Vaccination Injury

March 22, 201720 min

20 min
Male Domestic Violence

March 8, 201724 min

24 min
Sam Russell, Celebrity Stylist

March 1, 201724 min

24 min
Going From Foster Care and Legal Trouble to Musical Success

February 22, 201725 min

25 min
False Child Abuse Allegations

February 16, 201729 min

29 min