"The Princess Bride" - Cary Elwes

October 9, 20168 min
Kozversations - 10/07/16 Cary Elwes was the heartthrob hero of "The Princess Bride," one of those little-movies-that-could that was a minor hit in 1987 but has grown to become a timeless classic. In his book "As You Wish," he shares a lot of great inside stories from the making of that movie. I In this "Kozversation," Elwes speaks about his inspiration for writing the book, how he recaptured all those memories, and tells an unbelievably funny story about Andre the Giant. There's also memories of Billy Crystal and Wallace Shawn before he suddenly says he has to run for a plane and just completely bails. Hey, i'll own it. It was incredibly rude, but what's here is still interesting. Tune in!

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