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Intentional Parenting, Intentional Parenting, Part 3A

November 3, 201627 min
Principle #7 - Positive Memories: Memories make up the foundation of who we are. Make up traditions; capture moments; prioritize vacations; create adventures. Principle #8 - Consistent Presence: Kids would rather have your presence than your presents. Presence communicates, "You are really important to me. You are valuable. I care about you deeply." Principle #9 - Role Models: Kids possess the character of their parents. Kids need to see a dad or a mom who is aligning his/her life with the teachings of Jesus and walking with Him faithfully. Principle #10 - A Peaceful Home: Kids are in combat all day long. If you want a peace-filled home, you have got to become a peace-filled person. When you know you are dearly loved by God, then you can dearly love others.

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