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Divorce - The Devil's Strong Delusion

July 8, 201522 min
In the Western World, the incidence of divorce is increasing. Many couples do not even marry, and of those that do, a large number eventually divorce. Such is the world. Sadly, the Church has lost all power to influence the world (see Acts 17: 6), and in such a state, it is rather the world that influences the Church. Thus divorce is gaining a foothold even amongst those who believe. Christians, however, should not be influenced by the world. On the subject of divorce, as with all subjects, it is not a matter of what the laws of the land may allow, of what people around us are doing, nor even of what the professing Church may teach, but of what God has decreed in His Word. The question is: Does God ever, under any circumstances, condone divorce? http://www.judev3.co.uk/Jude%20v3%20Website/Divorce.htm

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