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I Strongly Warn You Coming Flood!!!!

April 8, 20151 min
I strongly warn you brothers and sisters that a great flood is coming!!! The magnitude of the flood will be devastating and will take many away!!! I warn you with great urgency and you must prepare NOW! Get ready to stand against the wiles of the Devil, Satan which is the Serpent and the Dragon. This great flood will swallow the whole World! Multitudes will be sucked into this great torrent and will not even know what hit them. The Church will survive this great flood only because the Lord is going to protect His people during this time. The Church is headed into troubled times ahead and will face great persecution. I cannot warn you enough of the impending danger that is ahead. The only safe place is in the ROCK Jesus Christ! You must dig deep and lay the only sure foundation which is Jesus Christ upon the ROCK by knowing that Jesus Christ is the Son of of the living God. I know that most will not take heed to this warning, nonetheless I must lift up my voice like a trumpet as a faith

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