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Keep On The Firing Line

May 26, 20152 min
Scriptures to help withstand the attack against your FAMILY in the EVIL DAY! God has provided us Armour Not for survival But To WIN! To OVERCOME! VICTORY! God has provided us Complete Armour for offensive not defensive combat. Martial Arts and the like are taught for defense (self defense). God does not teach us to be defensive but to fight on the offensive! We must be like David and RUN! into the battle. Fear not for I am with thee the Lord says to his people. But take heed that you wait on the Lord. David did not run toward Goliath and hope that he might overcome him, David heard from God. God told David “This day will I give you the head of Goliath.” So before David even stepped on the battlefield he had a WORD from God. David prophesied this WORD to Goliath aloud before he ever used his sling. As David our Victory is the WORD! Jesus is the WORD! HE ALONE IS OUR VICTORY! David ran toward Goliath to defeat him not hoping to overcome him but knowing God was going to give the victory

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