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Does SEO really matter in podcasting? – TAP179

June 23, 201454 min
Everyone talks about your search-engine optimization (SEO) with _every_ platform on the web. But does SEO really matter if you host a podcast instead of blogging? This topic was suggested by Joshua C. Liston: "Does keyword-loading your show title/author field etc (SEO) really work long term?" This is a special miniseries to challenge the ideas podcasters have accepted as truth for years. Some will stand up against the challenge while others crumble, and some will reveal new options you may have never considered. Hire me to help you launch or improve your podcast! Follow me on Links and shownotes at FEEDBACK Call (903) 231-2221 Email Send a voice message from http://TheAudacitytoPodcast MAILING ADDRESS The Audacity to Podcast PO Box 739 Burlington, KY 41005

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