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How to start a podcast in 10 steps – TAP160

February 10, 201461 min
Back to basics! This isn't a detailed process for how to edit episodes, setup your website, or get into iTunes. These are the core 10 principles for starting a podcast, even if it's not your first time! 1. Make plans 2. Collect quality content 3. Get the right tools and equipment 4. Record and present the content well 5. Give authenticity 6. Edit and produce 7. Launch or upgrade your website 8. Publish 9. Promote 10. Measure growth Hire me to help you launch or improve your podcast! Follow me on Links and shownotes at FEEDBACK Call (903) 231-2221 Email Send a voice message from http://TheAudacitytoPodcast MAILING ADDRESS The Audacity to Podcast PO Box 739 Burlington, KY 41005

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