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Podcasting “preflight” checklist – TAP164

March 10, 201451 min
Before you press record, make sure you've checked these 20 things to ensure a quality podcast. 1. Turn on all equipment 2. Verify equipment settings 3. Place recorder(s) in standby 4. Load necessary programs 5. Turn off home noise-makers 6. Take care of pets 7. Occupy children 8. Close doors and windows 9. Prepare your space 10. Turn off GSM phones or place in “airplane mode” 11. Switch mobile devices to “do not disturb” (DND) 12. Silence computer sounds 13. Shut down unnecessary programs 14. Care for your body 15. Review your notes 16. Prepare resources 17. Test everything 18. Start recording 19. Break the ice 20. Present! Hire me to help you launch or improve your podcast! Follow me on Links and shownotes at FEEDBACK Call (903) 231-2221 Email Send a voice message from http://TheAudacitytoPodcast MAILING ADDRESS The Audacity to Podcast PO Box 739 Burlington, KY 41005

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