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Should your podcast be audio, or video? – TAP163

March 3, 201451 min
Whether you're a new or experienced podcaster, you may face the decision of whether to be in audio or video podcasting. Here are the pros and cons of each format, and things you should consider. AUDIO BENEFITS 1. Widely consumable 2. High quality for low cost 3. Easy production 4. Popular choice 5. Supported by all podcast apps and directories AUDIO DISADVANTAGES 1. Difficult to share 2. Low accessibility for hearing-impaired 3. Visual subjects don't communicate well 4. Doesn't engage well on YouTube VIDEO BENEFITS 1. Prominent media players 2. Easy to communicate visual subjects 3. On-screen aids to help accessibility 4. Engaging and shareable 5. Free "hosting" and leverage on YouTube 6. Search-engine optimization (SEO) with YouTube 7. Great longtail VIDEO DISADVANTAGES 1. Expensive for high quality 2. Complicated production 3. Hard to consume 4. Small support by podcast apps and directories Hire me to help you launch or improve your podcast! Follow me on Links and shownotes at FEEDBACK Call (903) 231-2221 Email Send a voice message from http://TheAudacitytoPodcast MAILING ADDRESS The Audacity to Podcast PO Box 739 Burlington, KY 41005

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