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The Epic Awesome Show Anime Podcast 11

April 17, 201474 min
In this episode of the Epic awesome show Anime podcast #11 Zain and Scotty Oka talka bout sony leaving squar enix, attack on titian again, some how get off topic and talk about E3. Then talk about some anime that have been licensed here in the states. and much much much more. This show is now available on I heart Radio, and I tunes, and don't forget to check us out on too Pokémon XY Planetarium Anime to Premiere This July Lady Gaga and Hatsune Miku are touring the states together here are the tickets for the show too Missed the 20 foot Titian attack check it out here Sentai Filmworks Licenses Kamigami no Asobi Sony Sells its shares of Square Enix Get your Royal Wiimote Attack on titian is coming to toonami Check out Scotty Oka's channel here

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