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L.A. Rams 2.0 Weekly Show w/Tony Hunter: You’re fired!

December 19, 201641 min
Since the last L.A. Rams 2.0 Show was recorded, the Rams have egregiously lost two more games and one head coach – so co-hosts Os Davis and Tony Hunter (formerly of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams) have lots to discuss. With the Rams all but mathematically eliminated from this year’s playoffs (they ain’t gonna make the playoffs), probably the most imagination-capturing stuff going on is the guessing game, as in Who Will Be The Next Rams Head Coach? Tony and Os both have their pet theories, though neither seems exceptionally likely, given the current state of the team. Additionally, Tony attempts to explain what the backstage drama might be like in La La Land, as the hapless Rams are now forced to play out the string of yet another lost season… In actuality, this episode of the L.A. Rams 2.0 Show is far more chipper than this writeup makes it seem. You can’t keep a good optimist (Tony) done for long, after all, and on Sunday we get the certainly

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