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Out of Left Field:Did the Cardinals use a Foreign Substance

April 9, 201744 min
Hey, everyone. We have some big news for you to start off this week. We are proud to be partnering up with MLB Mayhem to bring our show to even more listeners! MLB Mayhem is a media outlet that you may have already seen on The Grueling Truth. They write fantastic articles on the game we all love and their articles have been getting a lot of attention on Now, Chris and I are proud to be bringing Out of Left Field to MLB Mayhem along with The Grueling Truth each and every week. There was quite a "sticky" situation this week in St. Louis. St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina had a pitched ball get stuck ON his chest protector after it bounced in front of him. Should he have been checked for a foreign substance? Is Major League Baseball going to do anything about it? Plus, the Arizona Diamondback have started off on a tear this year. Chris has seen them up close and personal several times already this season. Can they keep this up and play spoiler in the NL West? Finally, Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Rich Hill is on the disabled list again with a blister on his finger. This has been a recurring issue and certainly is not one that the ball club is excited to see after his 3 year extension this past offseason. Are we going to see another year of DL stints or can Rich Hill find a way to combat this issue and be the number 3 starter the Dodgers really need? We answer all those questions plus a few laughs along the way this week on Out of Left Field.

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