The Grueling Truth

Real Deal W/Josh Benjamin Coaching series EP.4

May 18, 201640 min
As we conclude our coaching series, we end with some pretty important parts of coaching. A coach wears so many "hats" that have to be managed appropriately so the program is successful. We will discuss those other roles and how some of our guests utilize them within their program. The coaches and I will discuss what a week looks like during their season and how many hours it takes to assist in making their program successful. Next, we will share the various ways of team-building or team chemistry activities that can mold individuals into one team. Also, the parents role within their program is important to have that "family" feel with everyone involved within their respected program. Lastly, having multi-sport athlete's happens all the time at the high school level (at least hopefully) with different schools and coaches managing them in their own way. You will hear how these coaches approach the multi-sport athlete. Our guests include a friend of mine, Nathan Aker. He is the Head Foot

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