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Rouge White & Blue: CFL Week 13 – How about that trade?

September 13, 201678 min
What? The NFL season is on? Yeah, all right, Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard admit to paying attention to America’s professional football league, but damn if Canadian ball isn’t cranking out the story lines and intrigue… The first is last on this week’s episode of RWB: Namely, Os and Joe talk what was essentially a three-team deal in which the Winnipeg Blue Bombers got Kevin Glenn, first-(!) and third-round draft picks and cornerback T.J. Heath; the Toronto Argonauts got Scott Milanovich’s latest project in Drew Willy; and the Montreal Alouettes got the pittance of a fourth-round draft pick because salary cap. Joe also relates a tale making the rounds on Facebook as of the podcast’s recording (and gods help certain folks if this story gets wider attention, which seems inevitable) of some pretty sick behavior from a few miscreants disguised as Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans. As is the usual RWB wont, run-through of last week’s games follows, including The

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