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057 - Programming - Huw Collingbourne on Programming

May 1, 201469 min
Huw Collingborne, exAuthor, Journalist and Online Course Creator explains how he came from a Journalist interviewing Pop Stars to become an Expert Programmer and Course Creator. Don't Miss An Episode!  Subscribe Below:            Using something Else?  Copy this Address: or;e975168c39a63e2f7befd9ba8758bf9e In this Week's Episode: Interview: Huw Collingbourne             Spotlight Course: C Programming for Beginners - normally $149 but you can buy this course for just $39 with 75% off by following this link.  Alternatively go direct to and use Coupon Code "OLP39" to get the same price without going through the Affiliate Programme.   Discount Code: OLP39 Category: Technology Udemy Course Link: Other Udemy Courses: How to Teach and Online Course - Free Learn to Program JavaScript (in ten easy steps) - $99 buy this Course for just $29 by following t

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