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CARDIO CAST: Lego Batman Movie Review

February 23, 201743 min
Hello lovely people from all around the world my name is Jesse and I am doing this podcast about my review of the Lego Batman movie that I just saw two days ago. Oh I wouldn't theaters two weeks ago to see it and I fell asleep while I was sitting in your chair IMAX so I decided to go watch the game at League of this time I hope I don't lose any sponsors for saying LOL but in all seriousness you can talking about this Become a member of The Peoples’ Paradise Podcast community instantly!  Subscribe now to discover wonderful secrets about the world!  From cool stuff internationally, to controversy and news about celebrities!  Subscribe now because this is the place for you!!! Join Your host JT on any of the social media platforms below because its free! Twitter: Snapchat @Ebonydesire Facebook: Soundcloud: Instagram:

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