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The Potential Millionaire: Felix Montelara & Potencial Millonario

November 14, 201729 min
The Potential Millionaire

Felix Montelara brings you Potencial Millonario, aka The Potential Millionaire Podcast. Felix creates Spanish and sometimes English episodes.

He discusses wealth creation and worth from 2007, how the millionaire mindset works, and the rewards of creating weekly episodes.

Felix shares his experience about his recent humanitarian work, volunteering two weeks of his time to help others in Puerto Rico.

He talks about the humbling experience of listening to to those who push the boundaries.

The motivation and reasoning behind starting the AUDIO DICE NETWORK and the challenges of podcast discovery.

He speaks all about the Latin Podcast Awards, learning and borrowing formulas, and making a process that works for everyone.

Felix gives advice for podcasting as a business and shares a metaphor about a three legged stool.