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#154 - Start Over (Inspiration Monday)

March 6, 201613 min
"Just hold on. You can wait. You can start over and over again." Inspiring words from one of my favorite vocalists, Genevieve. Today's song lyrics pretty much speak for themselves without any hidden meaning or mystery. It's all about holding on through difficult times and finding the strength to start over, even if you have to start over and over again. I could not find a place online to actually download this song, so here's a link to stream the lyric video on YouTube: And a live performance of the song by Genevieve: If you enjoy Genevieve's music and her voice as much as I do, check out her website: Thanks for supporting the show! Please share the show with a friend and share your feedback with me on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Or via email at barrymangione1

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