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01 February, 2017 – Episode 604 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

February 2, 201790 min
Human-Pig Chimeras!, The Science Curious, Just Peoples, Pom Pom Crabs, Zombie Hamsters, Vanishing Peoples, Insect Love Hormone, Really Old Cow, Artificial Communication, Splendid Seeing Spiders, Bat-Bot, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER!!! As we watch government leadership roles be replaced by new individuals We must keep certain things in mind… Knowledge in medicine, Cannot be replaced with a spoonful of sugar Without expecting a different result. Just as… An antidote for a poisonous snake bite Cannot be successfully substituted with a snarky anecdote. And, as everyone listening already knows… You can’t substitute science with Anything that isn’t science… And that’s why, no matter the politics of the day We won’t substitute the contents of this show with anything else… We will always bring you… This week In Science Coming up next… Human-Pig Chimeras! They are finally here! Kind of… The Science Curious Kudos to all who enjoy TWIS! For you a

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