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05 April, 2017 – Episode 613 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

April 6, 2017151 min
Real Replication Trouble, CRISPR Reveal, CRISPR Surprise, Scientific Strawberries, Fang Blennie Bennies, Fish Need Friends, Chemical Eye Regeneration, Microbial Harpoons!, 10,000 Years Native, Mouse Brains And Babies, Plastic Trash, Cow Burying Badgers, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER!!! They say that a watched pot never boils… But they never ask the Lobster who has been watching it intently And as we resolutely, and steadfastly, move forward without addressing greenhouse climitia, The changes begin to take place all around us… The end is not nigh… In fact, it’s just beginning… It’s going to be a long enough process that none of us here now will likely live to see the end result But it is developing fast enough that we will all see with certainty where it is headed… The constant flooding of New York City… Miami and New Orleans first frequent flooding, then simply under water and abandoned for good… The state Capitol of California, nearly a hundred miles inland, swampy marsh land… In other parts of the world, we will see much of the same… as coast lines recede… As Ports and harbors are swallowed up by rising waters… and dead seas come back to life… Most famous world cities have a close relationship with the ocean… and all are at risk The End is not nigh… but it is nigh to impossible to ignore anymore… Though oddly, we won’t even mention it once on this episode of… This Week in Science, Coming Up Next…

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