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08 February, 2017 – Episode 605 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

February 10, 201798 min
USDA Problems, Fukushima Don't Worry, Another Zika Vaccine, Childhood Memes, Climate Science Sex, Sea Lamprey Sex, Empathetic Dogs, Monkey Contraception?, Jekyll Hyde Head, Carnivorous Plant Genes, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER!!! Despite everything you may have heard… Global warming is a hoax… A vast left wing communist conspiracy to defraud major energy companies… And to slow down the American economic system to give unfair advantages to China… In alt-fact, the climate is cooling considerably right now over the northern hemisphere… Ice caps are growing… Coral reefs are rebounding… Rain-forests are resplendent… Major flooding is at an all time low… Weird weather is nothing new… And not only are extinctions a thing of the past… New species are showing up all the time! Why, things are looking so good for the environment these days, serious consideration should be given to reducing public lands before nature encroaches any further on what p

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