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08 June, 2016 – Episode 570 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

June 10, 2016101 min
Bioluminescent Fishes, CRISPR on RNA, Deglaciating Bison, Pre-Columbian Trade, Fish Face, Fiber-Optic Eyes, Microplastic Bothers, Interview w/ Dr. Elizabeth Sibert on World Oceans, Slime Mold Problem-Solvers, Jumping Eels, Provisional Names!, New Chemical Rules!, Inbred Neander News, Not Lost City, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer! Right now, at this very moment, there is an archeological site directly beneath your feet… Beneath the paved roads and home foundations… Under the swimming pools and strip malls… Within the soil, in the rocks, and in-between the roots of trees… there are clues to the history of the planet and the creatures who have called it home… And this history can be revealed… And if you happen to live in the Americas… There is an ancient peoples beneath your feet… A people that lived in the Americas ten thousand years before bronze-age men poured into Europe for the first time… A people who fished and farmed and traded goods

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