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11 January, 2017 – Episode 601 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

January 16, 201796 min
New Life!, Spider Silk Spinning, Retro Virus Age, Avian Relations, Suburban Bird Divorce, Mouse Vision, Baboon Vowels, Glial Age, The Appendix, Predictions In Spaaaace!, Pitty Orchids, Superhero Side-effects, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER!!! A funny thing happened on the way to modern world… Evolution. We are the result of evolution… It is the process of life that led up to the natural world. But Evolution is not just a thing that happened… And it is not just the process of natural things… Evolution is taking place in the modern world as well… Evolution is everywhere in our societies, cultures and economies… Evolution plays out in our technology, art, and engineering… Evolution is the process of trial and error The process of learning and remembering… Evolution is life, in all its endeavors… And science is at once the study of evolution… And the act of evolving… The current state of our evolution depends more on science, than it does on n

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