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11 November, 2015 – Episode 540 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

November 12, 201591 min
Pluvian Ice Volcanoes?,Far-out Planetoid, Martian Offgassing, Magic Thinking, Self-Cleaning Animals, Sexy Sons, Hunger Memories, Dispersing The Microbes, What Is Beauty?, Sea Salt Sampling, Micro-Fluids For Brains, Trident Launch, No Alien Signals, Crow Cooler, And Much More… Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer!!! There are many mysteries of the universe that we have yet to crack. There are also mysteries we have cracked wide open through science… And despite what certain candidates for president of the United States might think… Global warming is really occurring, and really is man made… Vaccines do not cause autism… The big bang is not a fairy tale invented to counter the story of creation… Evolution happened, happens even today… and to the best of my knowledge, the theory was not encouraged by the Devil… though I don’t have the direct line to know such things… Oh… and the pyramids were not built as grain silos… And while the majority of candidates find themselves in conflict w

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