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13 July, 2016 – episode 575 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

July 15, 201678 min
Shifting Clouds, JunoCam, Two Blind Mice, Cicada Turn On, Crow Clean Up, Raven Friends, Cannibal Neanderthals, Social Immune Brains, Bacterial Brains, X Marks Brainy Maps Echolocation For All, Monkey Tools, Monkey Smarts, Swimming Robot Domination, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!! Where ever you are… Whatever you are doing… Think for a moment that this is your last moment… That however it happens, whatever the cause… Suddenly this is to be your last moment alive… Pause it here. Rewind the week, the month and even the year… How would you live differently in this frame of time? Knowing the precise moment in which all moments end. We can’t of course live productive lives thinking this way But when given reason to reflect, we should make space for it. Because nothing is guaranteed… And death makes meaningless all work not done out of love And all time spent on uninspired efforts, away from those we love So eat, drink and be merry me hearties

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