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17 August, 2016 – Episode 580 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)

August 19, 2016102 min
Hawking Radiation Evidence?, Force Of Nature, Contrails Not Chemtrails, Gutting Ahead, Choosy Fish, Bully Fish, Fish Pee, Marsupial Lion Elbows, Talking About Life, Salty Beaches, Precision Targeting, The Light!, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer The world you are living in has NOT, I repeat NOT been all figured out yet. Sure a lot of the major hurdles have been handled… We can control electricity… Harness it to do work and that work produces amazing advantages to being on the planet… Like the light bulb, the computer, and the greatest of all inventions… the dishwasher… We have solved complex riddles of living things… Giving us protections and treatments that manage disease and prolong our life spans… We have delved into the atomic world that once seemed so small, only to delve deeper and discover an even tinier world of subatomic particles… We can manipulate this world to great effect despite having hands that are too large and clumsy for the

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